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How to Be Helpful in Your Community

If you are active in supporting your local community, it could really benefit you and the people around you. Doing your part will help you make new friends, advance your career, learn new skills, and give something back.

People in your community will appreciate your efforts and you may even be recognized by it. If you have plans on doing your part, then here are some ways on how to start.


1. Become a volunteer – You will always find volunteering opportunities within your community. If you find something that appeals to you or perhaps you are familiar with it, then give it a shot. This could even open a new career path for you. You can give the following examples a try:

  • Mentoring a young person
  • Working in a charity shop
  • Being a school governor
  • Visiting someone in hospital
  • Working on conversation projects
  • Working on other community projects

If you are feeling lonely, volunteering can be the best way to beat it. You will find new connections within this circle and you will be more bonded with the people around you.

2. Tidy up – Doing small things like picking up litter and gardening is a great way to make your community a better place for anyone to live. You can ask community leaders about such opportunities or you can even start doing it voluntarily. If possible, ask for some help from others as well to make the cleanup drive more effective.

3. Support local businesses – Local businesses are important in local communities who are always under the pressure of bigger competitors. To show your support, buy products and services from the local businesses. Apart from that, you can help them by:

  • Leaving positive reviews.
  • Tell your friends about your favorite local businesses.
  • Follow and support local businesses on social media.

4. Help your neighbors – Charity starts at home, and community starts with the people around you. There are people who suffer from physical, financial, or psychological problems in silence. Loneliness is considered as one of the greatest public health challenges especially on today’s world. It is sometimes linked with psychological problems, but it is mostly associated with a higher risk of mortality and disease. If you think that they need some help on their house, try to offer your help by helping them out on some expenses and getting services like Kerrisdale Roofing and Drains to take on the work. It is important that you take time to getting to know the people around you and find ways on how you could help them. Even a simple act like chatting can already help someone who is in need.

5. Donate stuffs – Apart from donating time or money, charities can still benefit from your unwanted possessions. You should consider donating some of your old stuff like unwanted books, clothes, jewelry, media, and homeware. These things may no longer be of value to you, but it could be for others. So, take the time to dig up some of your unused stuffs and pass it on to others who are willing to take care of it for you.

Being helpful in the community can be a fulfilling task especially if you take part in more ways than one. Just start out with something small and once you get the hang of it, move on to bigger things and the people around you will surely recognize your efforts.